Learn Russian Vocabulary. List of 2000 most commonly used Russian words. Quizzes.

Russian Vocabulary. 2000 most commonly used Russian words are sorted by their frequency of use (word usage) and broken down in 2 lists, each having 50 quizzes of 20 words each. Each word includes its part of speech and English translation.

Words are also grouped by parts of speech. Choose only list of verbs, or list of noun(pronouns/adjectives/adverbs/etc). Some words, depending on how they are useds, can act as different parts of speech and will appear simultaneously in different lists. Remember that these lists are not complete and have only words included in 2000 most used Russian words. For example, the list has only five ordinal numbers.

Each vocab list is followed by a practice quiz-drill where you need to match Russian word to its English translation. Quiz remembers incorrectly answered question and asks that question again, until you answer it correctly. Quiz is completed only when you answer all the questions.

Russian-to-English and English-to-Russian dictionaries and references are listed in two dropdowns above the lists. Click on any English or Russian word to display more comprehensive definition or translation for that word. Change reference source any time and look up same word in a different dictionary.

Words are taken from The frequency dictionary for Russian. Source states that 2000 most frequent words covers 72% of word forms in texts (in modern Russian Language). For Russian to English translation I used following dictionaries: Wiktionary, Multitran, Rambler-Словари and Babel Fish Translation

If you feel that some words should have better English translation, or find errors in quizzes, or have other questions, please email me.