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Russian language - Wikipedia Writing system, alphabet, orthography, sounds, consonants, grammar, vocabulary, proverbs and sayings and more.
Russian Language Facts A Guide to Russian - 10 facts about the Russian language

Learning-Russian links
Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet and pronunciation.
Russian Alphabet Tutorial an excellent site for helping you with the letters of the Russian alphabet and their pronounciation.
An On-line Russian Reference Grammar comprehensive interactive introduction to the basics of Russian grammar.
Russian Word of the Day musings on russian vocabulary - alphabetical listing.
NCRLC Russian Webcasts survey of the previous two weeks' news in simplified standard Russian.
Article with audio articles are presented in two languages, Russian and English.
Russian language learning videos from Polyglot. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Learning Russian Russian Language Lessons, Grammar, Alphabet, and Vocabulary
Russian-plus Lessons, videos and grammar
Listen 2 Russian Learn Russian by hearing words, phrases and sounds

Russian Language Study Forums Russian - WordReference Forums Russian Lessons Forums

RussianLingQ A Taste of Russian Russian podcasts Russian Language Podcast

Russian (Cyrillic Fonts) keyboard
To type in Russian on your computer's keyboard you can enable standard Russian keyboard on Windows or install phonetic Russian keyboard(maps Russian letters to similarly sounding and looking English letters) Russian in Windows 2000/XP Russian keyboard options
If you do not want to modify your computer settings, use Translit RU/EN(with Russian Spellcheck) Tранслитерация Cyrillic Virtual Keyboard(Spellcheck) or other virtual keyboards

Reading in Russian
Lib.Ru: Библиотека Максима Мошкова Maksim Moshkov's Library of Russian Literature Online

Online Russian translation
Google Translation RusTran ParaLink FreeTranslation Bing Translator